In-Country Training For Elementary Teachers

This portion of training dives more in depth into Elementary training!

*You only need to complete this training if you’ve just arrived in-country and your Head Teacher has let you know that you’ll be teaching Elementary classes.

Know which portion of training you’ll be completing: just as a reminder — there are two Elementary programs:

  • ITL (Invitation to Literacy) is taught only in Russia and Ukraine — volunteers teaching in these countries will complete 5A training below
  • RS (Reading Series) is taught in all other countries that include Elementary in the ILP program — if you’re teaching Elementary in any country besides Russia and Ukraine, you’ll complete 5B training below.

Fill out your workbook: similar to Pre-departure training, you have a workbook to complete as you watch these training videos. That’s a great spot to keep the notes that you’ll keep coming back to.

Spring 2021 group — your Head Teacher should have a printed copy to give to you when you arrive. If you need a copy though, just email and we can get you a digital version right away.

Complete prior to the first day of school: plan on around 90 mins to complete this training. The information here will be critical to know how to plan and get ready for your classes!