Professional Teacher Training

Getting Started

Online training is a series of videos and a couple of workbooks that will help you keep notes on some of the key points of training.

1 — Start as early as possible so that you don’t have to cram this all into a couple of days.

Training is pretty extensive — it is split into 5 sections, and those sections are all broken down into bite-size chunks, full of videos that are about 5-30 minutes in length. This is set up so that you can work at your own pace, but all training needs to be completed prior to departure.

In total, training is about 8 hours of video time, so just make sure to plan to work that into your schedule before departure.

2 — Complete your workbook.

There is an online workbook that you’ll fill out during training. We’ve got a lot to cover, so this will help make sure you’re pulling out some key points along the way.

Training Workbook — Complete this online workbook during Parts 1-4 of training. There isn’t a workbook for Part 5, but know that Part 5 is key to setting up your semester schedule along with formatting your Elementary classes and you may want to re-visit this section again once you’re in-country and getting ready for your first days of class.

We’ll have these links at the start of each section, but they’re here as well to get you started:

Part 1 workbook
Part 2 workbook
Part 3 workbook
Part 4 workbook

We think it works best if you have two tabs open on your desktop or laptop: 1 tab with the videos (this site) and the other tab with your workbook. Another option that could work is if you have two devices (maybe watch the videos on your laptop and fill out the workbook on your phone). Either way, you’ll want to be able to answer questions in your workbook as you watch the training videos. Oh and it is required to complete and turn in your workbook to show that you’ve completed training — we’ll be checking up on that before departure.

There is a save and resume option on each part of the workbook if you’re not able to finish it in one sitting. Each workbook is separate, so if you want to save and resume you’ll create a new password for each part.

3 — Okay, let’s get started!

To begin, just hit the green button below “Take This Course”. Then it will allow you to click on Part 1, then click on the first video (1-1), and it will walk you through the rest of the training.

Course Content

Lessons Status

Part 1: Introduction


Part 2: The Primary Level


Part 3: Applying the ILP Model to the Primary Level


Part 4: Elementary Training


Part 5: Invitation To Literacy (Elementary Continued)